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Enterprise-level FHIR Solutions

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Low-code declarative approach

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Kodjin Interoperability Suite

  • ONC-certified_dark ONC-certified
  • HIPPA_compliant_dark HIPPA compliant

Kodjin FHIR Server

A turnkey event-driven FHIR server for healthcare data storage, data exchange, and management

  • Microservice architecture
  • Dynamic profiling
  • Declarative search framework
  • Full terminology management throughout a REST API
  • SMART on FHIR out of the box
  • Tested by high-load systems with up to 36,5M patient reсords

Kodjin Terminology Service

An FHIR service to handle all types of healthcare terminology

  • Can process complex terminologies
  • Supports standard and proprietary terminology systems
  • Low-code approach that helps time and cost efficiency
  • Built with FHIR at its core

Data Mapper

An interoperability FHIR software solution to map and transfer healthcare data elements with liquid template language

  • Designed to work with proprietary healthcare data
  • Mapping data in real-time
  • Out-of-the-box support for conversion of HL7 V.2 and CDA to FHIR

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Free FHIR Tools


Kodjin FHIR Profiler

A free FHIR software to create FHIR profiles faster, by using an intuitive graphical IDE

  • Syntax and structure control
  • ValueSet bindings
  • FHIRPath constraints
  • Auto-generates profile snapshot from the differential declaration
  • FHIR profile validation
  • Visual profile tree render
  • Free

Our partners

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Edenlab consistently displays traits that are exceptionally valuable and unfortunately rare in the software development industry — commitment, competence, creativity, and integrity. Their dedication to projects is commendable, and their technical expertise is evident in the results. With a creative approach to challenges and a strong sense of integrity in all dealings, they’ve proven themselves to be a reliable and innovative partner. We greatly appreciate Edenlab for upholding these values in our collaborations. Bravo Edenlab!

James Maldonado


Chief Platform Officer

Use Cases

Here are some cases of how the Kodjin Interoperability Suite may be used

About Kodjin Interoperability Suite

For Healthcare providers

Clinical Data Repository

Smart data management to aggregate data to provide a single view of the patient.

For Telehealth and Elderly Care

Care Management Platform

FHIR-native implementation of business processes such as remote monitoring, appointments, claims, etc.

For Healthcare app developers and Integrators

Healthcare Repository

Reliable data storage that will be easily integrated into your business processes.

For Data Analytics companies

Healthcare Analytical Platform

Building advanced analytics based on healthcare data transformed into FHIR resources.

For EHR/EMR developers

Smart Storage

Bringing all the benefits of FHIR capabilities into your product in the easiest way.

For local and national governments

Healthcare Data Exchange Hub

Central database and decision-making platform for public health illness and disease prevention.

For clinical researchers and trials

Data integration platform

Data collection and data validation for research projects and clinical trials support.

For Payers

Operations Automation

From appointments to eligibility checks, pre-authorizations, claims management, and fraud detection.

Meet Edenlab – Kodjin FHIR Server Vendor

The Kodjin Interoperability Suite was created by Edenlab, a healthcare software development company with multiple services, cases, and successful projects implemented.

Our team of experienced architects, business analysts, and engineers have primary expertise in the FHIR development services, and we offer a full range of software development services for MedTech.
As an FHIR service provider and vendor, we offer not only ready-made solutions but also improve and adapt them to the needs of your company.

Edenlab’s work has shown a high level of quality and functionality. They communicate regularly, keep the project meticulously organized, and ask questions to determine the best solution. Their committed enthusiasm makes them an invaluable resource.

Yuriy Bugay

Project Lead, Transparency International Ukraine (eHealth)

Our FHIR-Specific Services

Custom FHIR development

The development of tailored custom FHIR solutions by our engineers with deep domain expertise

  • Tight focus on healthcare data interoperability
  • Proven track record in FHIR development
  • Expertise in high-load projects
  • Experience in developing unique solutions from scratch

FHIR Facade

An FHIR interface that helps your data become FHIR-compliant

  • Bring FHIR API to your non-FHIR system
  • Expose your healthcare data as FHIR resources
  • Map your healthcare data to FHIR resources
  • Easily integrated with FHIR-compliant MedTech software and third-party platforms

Custom FHIR profiling

Mapping your data to FHIR

FHIR implementation guides creation

FHIR consultancy and training

Our FHIR Case Studies

  • Medtech

Building a FHIR Semantic Layer Analysis Platform

Industry: Healthcare

Country: US

Project type: Analytics Platform

Duration: Ongoing

Elation Case
  • Medtech

Deploying a FHIR-Compliant Solution with a Custom Clinical Data Mapper

Edenlab created for Elation Health a solution that bridges the gap between their existing data standards and the FHIR requirements. Through Edenlab’s expertise and support, Elation Health successfully achieved ONC certification, implemented USCORE 5.0.1 support.

  • Medtech

National eHealth 

Completed digitization of the Ukrainian healthcare system with over 36,5 million accounts and personal records numbering in the tens of millions.

Download Kodjin Interoperability Suite

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FHIR Security Best Practices

July 5, 2024

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June 27, 2024

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The Role of Data Validation in Healthcare

May 23, 2024

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Da Vinci: Enabling Value-Based Care with HL7 FHIR

May 7, 2024

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IHE Profiles and FHIR

May 2, 2024

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FHIR Resource Browser: A Simple Extension for Data Management

April 29, 2024

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What cloud service providers do you support?

Kodjin FHIR software can be installed on all popular cloud providers: Amazon AWS, Google CP, Microsoft Azure, or on any other cloud that supports the Kubernetes K8s platform.

Is it possible to deploy Kodjin on-premise?

Yes. There’s only one technical requirement — the Kubernetes K8s platform should be deployed on your infrastructure.

How much do your FHIR engineers’ services cost?

Contact us for a consultation and price for FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) development services based on your project’s needs.

I want to implement HL7 FHIR for an EHR system. Can I integrate the EHR with your FHIR solutions?

The Kodjin FHIR Server can be integrated with EHR systems with native RESTful API or with a custom ETL module or, finally, through FHIR Facade.

Does the Kodjin FHIR Server support horizontal scaling?

Yes. As Kodjin operates in a Kubernetes cluster, all stateless components could be horizontally scaled.

How can I implement infrastructure as a code approach with an FHIR server?

The Kodjin FHIR Server is an ecosystem of containerized applications. It is delivered with a tenant repository, which declaratively describes infrastructure configuration.

What is the difference between an FHIR server and an FHIR facade?

An FHIR facade provides the opportunity to expose the FHIR API of your system to clients or customers. However, behind the facade, your system operates with its own engine and technologies and data stored with its initial databases, structures, and types. The FHIR server provides native and FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) compliant RESTful API and data structures defined by the FHIR specification.

What if I need a customized FHIR solution based on your products?

Edenlab provides services for custom FHIR development. Please contact us for a consultation to discuss your projects, needs, and estimates.

Which versions of FHIR do Kodjin products support?

Kodjin supports not only FHIR 4.0.1 but also all of the earlier versions and complies with any versions of profiles, US Core, Carin 4BB, etc.

How does Kodjin manage security concerns?

Kodjin FHIR solutions support the SMART on FHIR framework, which applies authorization and authentication requirements. The FHIR spec does define RBAC and ABAC (Role/Attribute Based Access Controls) as models, which can be used to authorize requests by roles, ownership, or even delegation of access (using the Consent resource type). Kodjin FHIR experts can develop additional proxy levels to apply specific security requirements.

Could you provide training courses for FHIR?

Our business analysts have high competence and experience in the healthcare and MedTech domains and have good presentation skills. Edenlab can provide training on how to use the FHIR standard, FHIR profiling, and other related matters.

Can I use the Kodjin FHIR Server as a white label?

Yes. You can implement the Kodjin FHIR solution as a white label into your solution to improve its performance and scalability and provide the most efficient product to the healthcare market.

Why should I trust the Kodjin FHIR Server?

The Kodjin FHIR Server is HIPAA-compliant and ONC-certified and is used by companies in the USA and Europe, including national-level projects.

What is your HL7 integration expertise?

Our team of dedicated FHIR architects, business analysts, and developers with deep expertise in the domain have successfully developed different high-load projects, including a platform with more than 36,5M users for our client the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

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