FHIR Resource Browser: A Simple Extension for Data Management

Introducing the Kodjin Resource Browser: your key to unlocking the complexities of FHIR data management. It's our free, no-installation tool offers seamless access to FHIR resources with effortless server connectivity and intuitive resource updates.

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), introduced by HL7, is increasingly becoming the go-to standard for data exchange in healthcare since its inception in 2012. Yet, despite the comprehensive documentation, FHIR still presents a significant learning challenge. 

That’s why our team has put a lot of effort into creating the Kodjin Resource Browser, aiming to deliver a free tool that will be valuable to data analysts, developers, and anyone venturing into the world of FHIR. This tool serves as a bridge for learning and working with FHIR resources, designed to be as accessible and efficient as possible. Whether you’re new to FHIR or looking to deepen your expertise, let’s explore the main features and benefits of the Kodjin FHIR Resource Browser together.

It’s time to make your FHIR resource management smoother and more efficient!

  • Absolutely free and no installation required.
  • No setup hassle – add any FHIR server with just a few clicks!
  • No more sifting through thousands of lines of JSON.
  • Update and validate resources directly in the tool.
  • Present data in an effective and comprehensible way.
  • Customize the interface to suit your unique needs.

This article will guide you through the main features and benefits of using the Kodjin Resource Browser.

Kodjin Resource Browser main page

Key Features of our FHIR data management extension at a Glance

  • Search and Filter FHIR Resources: Easily find the resources you need with advanced search options. You can refine your searches using specific parameters to get exact results.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Choose between a user-friendly visualization or the raw JSON format to work with FHIR resources. This flexibility caters to both beginners and experienced developers.
  • Resource Validation: Check the compliance of your FHIR resources against standard StructureDefinitions to ensure they meet the necessary specifications.
  • Seamless Updates and Posts: Modify resources and directly post updates to the FHIR server.
  • Universal FHIR Server Compatibility: Whether it’s Kodjin’s own FHIR server or any other, the Resource Browser allows you to connect and work with different FHIR servers effortlessly.

Getting Started is Easy

One of the best things about the Kodjin FHIR Resource Browser is its ease of use. No authorization is required to start, and it comes pre-configured with Kodjin’s FHIR server. However, if you need to use a different server, you can easily add it in the settings by entering the server’s base URL.

Kodjin Resource Browser settings

Customization and Navigation

The platform offers a customizable experience, allowing you to tailor the resource display according to your preferences. You can:

  • Customize Columns: Adjust which columns are visible in the resource list for a personalized viewing experience.
  • Filter Resources: Utilize FHIR SearchParameters for targeted searches, making it simpler to find exactly what you’re looking for with our FHIR data filter capabilities.
  • Resource Details: View resources in a format that suits you, toggle between a simplified view and raw JSON, and validate or save resources directly from the page.

Kodjin Resource Browser header of the table

Support and Continuous Improvement

Kodjin values user feedback and is committed to improving the Resource Browser. You’re encouraged to report bugs, suggest features, or offer critiques to enhance the platform. This collaborative approach ensures that the tool evolves to meet the needs of the diverse user base.

We value your feedback and want to make the Kodjin Resource Browser as simple and useful as we can. Please send any ideas, criticisms, or even bugs to this email address.

Try the Kodjin Resource Browser for yourself!

The Kodjin Resource Browser is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of FHIR. With a user-friendly interface, robust search and filtering capabilities, and customizable settings, it’s designed to simplify the learning curve and enhance productivity for data analysts and developers alike. Whether you’re educating yourself on FHIR, developing new healthcare applications, or managing FHIR resources, the Kodjin Resource Browser is tailored to support your journey.

For detailed insights and to explore all the functionalities in depth, visit our full documentation guide at Kodjin Documentation.

Post author

Andrii Krylov

Executive Director HL7 Ukraine

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