Healthcare ELT/ETL Extensive Solution

Extract data from various sources, transform, validate, and store it in FHIR, HL7v2, or other medical formats, tailoring ready-made pipelines to your custom business logic. Use our specialized approach, significantly reducing ELT setup time.

Robust ELT toolset

Proven ready-made pipelines

Expert services and support

Kodjin FHIR Server to store your data

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Enhance the value of your data through Edenlab’s integrated solution

  • ELT toolset

Use an effective ecosystem to achieve your goals

We handpicked the optimal tools and architectural patterns for the healthcare ELT process, constructing a strong software system for a perfect balance of engineering excellence and simplicity.

  • Ready-made pipelines

Get started on your tasks without any delay

Having already crafted and tested highly efficient pipelines on real projects, we’ve tailored them to suit various specific healthcare cases. It saves a significant ammount of time by finding both optimal and cost-effective approach to your project.

  • Expert services

Get a turnkey solution for your business needs

We’re not just offering healthcare ETL system, we’re solving your business challenges with an experienced Edenlab team, that have already managed national-level healthcare projects successfully. From customizing pipelines to guiding you through every data management stage, our support extends beyond ELT.

  • Kodjin FHIR Server

Leverage a holistic environment for your data management

With us, you aren’t limited to data transformation only. Approach your challenges comprehensively. Edenlab is the team that developed the highly efficient Kodjin system for healthcare data management. Use our Kodjin FHIR Server to store, verify, and organize your datasets.

Use Cases

With the help of the Edenlab ELT solution, you can:

About Kodjin Interoperability Suite

Load data into any data warehouse to enhance business analytics and reporting

Our healthcare ELT/ETL solution for hospitals and data analytics companies makes it easy to create comprehensive reports, supporting decision-making and forecasting.

Comply with ONC & CMS rules

Standardization allows you to become compliant with the government requirements  for healthcare data exchange and interoperability.

Streamline analytics for clinic networks

The collection of standardized clinical data is essential for establishing a management system for organizations that operate independently but still work under a unified brand.

Simplify AI/ML application building

Ensuring the ELT of diverse datasets for model training and continuous learning accelerates the development of robust data-driven AI/ML algorithms.

Optimize data management for clinical trials

Real-time data extracted from sources like electronic health records and wearables is converted into a consistent format, facilitating comprehensive analytics for researchers.

Obtain and transfer data to third-party administrators and providers

When working with external contractors, having standardized data is crucial for seamless collaboration.

Migrate to another EHR system

In this scenario, ETL is essential for enterprises transforming their infrastructure and EHR developers creating healthcare data analytics platforms with built-in ELT/ETL modules for clients’ migration.

Edenlab's experience in ELT/ETL

Many data management tasks of our partners across the US and Europe require the healthcare ETL tool for one-time and recurring transformations of large datasets. Standardizing data is crucial for seamless sharing with clients and external systems, supporting operational tasks, and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Recognizing this, we’ve come up with a solution that lets us support our partners’ needs more comprehensively. And we’ve proven its effectiveness in high-load projects.

Edenlab ELT/ETL toolset and methodology

Easily manageable pipelines

The system maps out the entire data integration workflow and employs ready-made frameworks, making it easy and quick to edit pipelines, change connectors, as well as create and use templates.

Traceability on each step

Our healthcare ELT platform monitors the process in real time, collects metrics, highlights issues, and enables resolving them quickly, providing observability for the support team.

Significant boost in performance

The solution is cloud-native, Kubernetes-native, utilizes an extensive library of connectors, adopts a microservices approach, and enables easy horizontal scalability.

Comprehensive excellence

We’ve crafted an out-of-the-box solution that takes into account all the essential aspects you might think of, including security, data quality, backups, logs, alerts, and monitoring.

The basic ready-made pipeline, tailored to fit your business goals

Explore the Kodjin Interoperability Suite to build a comprehensive data management process

We provide a complete healthcare data platform beyond the ELT.

  • Store
  • Validate
  • Process

Kodjin FHIR Server

A powerful low-code software for processing, validating, and storing various kinds of healthcare data, from appointments to diagnoses, accessible through an FHIR-compliant RESTful API.
  • Transform

Kodjin Data Mapper

A tool designed for fast and convenient mapping of HL7v2, C-CDA, and custom proprietary data formats to FHIR. It helps integrate, convert, and exchange different types of healthcare data seamlessly, regardless of the number of different sources and formats you use.
  • Match

Kodjin Terminology Service

Software to handle various types of healthcare terminology that helps different healthcare systems match medical codes, terms, and terminology systems of any size and complexity for effective information management and exchange.
  • Share

Kodjin FHIR Facade

To enable the transmission of your medical proprietary data in the FHIR format, take advantage of custom FHIR facade development for exchanging, integrating, sharing, and retrieving your healthcare data.

If you need to transform data on the fly and then store it in FHIR format, use our event-driven, API-powered Kodjin Server and Data Mapper.

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Why Rely on the Edenlab Team

In-depth healthcare industry knowledge

We understand healthcare processes deeply, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows. Our expertise in Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) makes us a reliable partner for data interoperability.

Unique FHIR expertise

Our HL7 FHIR expertise places us at the forefront of modern healthtech. We excel in secure data exchange, contributing to national projects like Ukraine’s eHealth system, serving over 40 million patients.

Efficient high-load systems

Our team’s hands-on experience in deploying high-load FHIR projects ensures robust performance. We excel in designing, launching, and supporting large-scale systems.

Holistic problem resolution approach

We address client challenges with unique tools and approaches to streamline data management. This saves time and delivers seamless solutions tailored to clients’ business processes.

Our FHIR Case Studies

  • Medtech

Building a FHIR Semantic Layer Analysis Platform

Industry: Healthcare

Country: US

Project type: Analytics Platform

Duration: Ongoing

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What Formats Does Your Solution Allow to Transform Data Into?

Our healthcare ETL tool supports FHIR, HL7v2, HL7v3, C-CDA, and custom proprietary formats.

Is Your Solution Scalable?

Sure. Our system is able to perform horizontal scaling. It’s specially designed for high-load systems, Kubernetes-native, and has a microservice architecture, so you can confidently handle any data volume.

How Does Your Solution Differ From Others?

Our ETL/ELT solution for healthcare providers resolves specific niche challenges. We use existing tools but stand out with our unique architecture patterns and custom pipelines, tested on real projects. We offer more than just an ELT toolset, but also efficient business logic and customization services, saving our clients significant time in launching data transformation processes.

What Skills Should a User of Your Solution Have?

Our solution doesn’t involve hard coding. The entire pipeline is visualized and easily manageable. However, if you plan to maintain the product independently, you’ll need sufficient ETL/ELT development skills, including proficiency in SQL.

How Can We Ensure that the Pipelines are Working Correctly?

Each step of the process is traceable. Our system continuously monitors operations in real time, gathers metrics, identifies any issues, and facilitates prompt resolution, ensuring complete observability in data governance.

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We would be glad to share more details about our enterprise-level FHIR software solutions and other cases based on the HL7 FHIR standard.

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