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January 12, 2023

Edenlab team to speak at the HL7 online event dedicated to data quality in healthcare.

Tune in on February 8 to the «Data Quality in Healthcare: How FHIR Profiles Can Help» online event organized by HL7 International. 

At the event, our team of FHIR experts will cover the following topics:

  • approach to achieving healthcare data quality 
  • how FHIR standard facilitates healthcare data quality
  • different types of FHIR profiles validations
  • custom validations in FHIR profiles 
  • various data validation methods using the FHIR standard

About the speakers:

Andrii Krylov, Executive Director at the HL7 Ukraine. As an FHIR ambassador and HL7 representative, Andrii clearly understands the pains of collecting healthcare data and preparing it for real clinical usage. His solid 10+ years of experience in healthcare allows him to appreciate the impact FHIR has had on healthcare data interoperability.

Eugene Yesakov, Solution Architect and FHIR Evangelist, and Sveta Vedmed, Business Analyst, are part of the development team behind Ukraine’s National Healthcare platform with 30M+ patient records and have worked on other complex high-load projects.

Join us on February 8 at 12:00 PM EST. To attend the event, sign up at the following link

Looking forward to seeing you there and sharing our expertise!

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        Free webinar

        Data quality in healthcare:
        How FHIR profiles can help

        February 8, 2023

        12:00 PM EST

        Edenlab team is inviting you to join the upcoming webinar,
        orginized by HL7 International