Discover the Performance of Kodjin FHIR Server

June 7, 2024

Designed by the Edenlab team, Kodjin is an ONC-certified and HIPAA-compliant FHIR server built to streamline healthcare data management. Our white paper presents the results of performance testing conducted on mid-size configurations, showcasing the exceptional capabilities of Kodjin in various FHIR server operations.

What you will learn from this whitepaper:

  • • Gain insights into the high-performance features of the Kodjin FHIR Server. 
  • • Explore the scalability capabilities and performance of the Kodjin FHIR Server in operations such as POST requests, transactions, search, batch operations, bulk export and import, and more. 
  • • Discover how Kodjin, with its low-code approach and innovative use of Rust language, maximizes the potential of the FHIR specification to meet the demanding needs of healthcare projects.

Make performance a priority when choosing a FHIR storage solution for your healthcare projects. Our white paper highlights the outstanding performance of the Kodjin FHIR Server, ensuring hassle-free data management.

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