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A Turnkey Event-Driven FHIR Server

FHIR server solutions for enterprise-level data management


Designed for high perfomance


Used by national-level projects


Low-code declarative approach

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Kodjin FHIR Server

A powerful low-code tool for processing, validating, and storing all kinds of healthcare data, from appointments to diagnoses, accessible through an FHIR-compliant RESTful API



Сreate subscriptions on any event

Use web hooks, email or web sockets as notification channels if the system trigger a patient’s data changes


Dynamic profiling

Validate FHIR resources through FHIR profiles on the fly

Upload FHIR Implementation Guides profiles instantly and bring into system extensions, search parameters, validation


Version support

Kodjin supports R4 and all other FHIR versions and is future-proof


Smart on FHIR

Kodjin FHIR Server APIs are secured by an OAuth 2.0 authorization server. The FHIR APIs endpoint security is based on the SMART authorization framework.

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Use Cases

Here are some cases of how the Kodjin Interoperability Suite may be used

About Kodjin Interoperability Suite

For Healthcare providers

Get an ONC-compliant FHIR API for healthcare data.

For Telehealth and Elderly Care

Set up an easy integration of different data sources into your healthcare system.

For Healthcare app developers and Integrators

Integrate Kodjin FHIR server to build a reliable platform for data storage and data processing.

For Data Analytics companies

Transform data to FHIR standards and increase data quality for better analysis.

For EHR/EMR developers

Use reliable FHIR-based backend solutions for healthcare data, structuring, validation, and integration.

For local and national governments

Improve your analytical database and decision-making platform for efficient public healthcare management.

For clinical researchers and trials

Ensure high-qualified data collection and data validation for research projects and clinical trial projects.

For Payers

Use the FHIR Server and its customization for improving full-cycle operations from appointments to eligibility check, claims, and fraud management.

The history behind the Kodjin FHIR Server

We were creating and implementing a national, centrally-managed clinical data repository with the following requirements:

  • Ability to support up to 40 million users.
  • Store data with a dualistic nature, which can be perceived as a set of fine-grained.
  • RESTful resources (or FHIR resources) that form documents when they are combined.

Kodjin FHIR Server architecture

The Kodjin FHIR Server is made in Rust language with microservice architecture, which results in outstanding performance.

Kodjin can be included in the backend of any healthcare project and can be flexibly customized to the project’s needs.

Kodjin FHIR Server in context


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Explore more FHIR-based solutions from the Kodjin interoperability suite

Kodjin is an Interoperability Suite that provides high-performing, flexible, and convenient FHIR software solutions for healthcare data management

Kodjin Data Mapper

A tool designed for fast and convenient mapping of HL7v2, C-CDA, and custom proprietary data formats to FHIR.

It helps integrate, convert, and exchange different types of healthcare data seamlessly, regardless of the number of different sources and formats you use


Kodjin Terminology Service

Software to handle various types of healthcare terminology that helps different healthcare systems match medical codes, terms, and terminology systems of any size and complexity for effective information management and exchange


Kodjin ETL Solution

A tool created to retrieve data from diverse sources, then transform, validate, and store it in FHIR, HL7v2, or other medical formats. We offer ready-made pipelines tailored to customize to your unique business requirements, streamlining the setup process and saving you time


Why choose Kodjin


High performance and scalability

The Kodjin FHIR Server is designed for high-load projects at its core. It was created to handle up to 40M+ patient records.


Developed with deep expertise in FHIR

Our team of architects, business analysts, and developers are deeply knowledgeable about FHIR and have extensive experience in developing FHIR-based solutions.



We offer flexible and customized solutions based on our Kodjin Interoperability Suite with FHIR-based custom development if needed.


Event-driven approach

Kodjin utilizes an asynchronous event-driven approach to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.


Low-code approach

The Kodjin FHIR Server is highly customizable and easily managed without involving high-priced developers.


Created from scratch

The FHIR Server was created from scratch based on lessons learned and customers’ requests to solve real-world problems.


Microservice architecture

Our solution is built on a microservices architecture, providing not only scalability and flexibility but also better resilience on the whole system.


100% modern stack

The Kodjin FHIR Server is built on Rust, a high-performance, interoperable, and stable programming language used in server-side development.


Version support

Kodjin supports all previous FHIR versions and is future-proof.

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Our FHIR Case Studies

  • Medtech

Building a FHIR Semantic Layer Analysis Platform

Industry: Healthcare

Country: US

Project type: Analytics Platform

Duration: Ongoing

Elation Case
  • Medtech

Deploying a FHIR-Compliant Solution with a Custom Clinical Data Mapper

Edenlab created for Elation Health a solution that bridges the gap between their existing data standards and the FHIR requirements. Through Edenlab’s expertise and support, Elation Health successfully achieved ONC certification, implemented USCORE 5.0.1 support.

  • Medtech

National eHealth 

Completed digitization of the Ukrainian healthcare system with over 36,5 million accounts and personal records numbering in the tens of millions.

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April 29, 2024

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April 23, 2024

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Is the Kodjin FHIR Server a managed service solution?

We support all cooperation models, depending on the needs of your project. We can deploy and maintain the FHIR server on our own, or you can use your cloud provider or on-premises physical server.

What cloud service providers do you support?

We support all major cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Can I install Kodjin on-premises?


My organization wants to become FHIR-compliant; where do we start?

Our team can assess your specific needs and the state of your system. Based on the analysis, we will create a detailed FHIR implementation roadmap for your organization.

How much do your services cost?

Contact us for a consultation and price estimate based on your project’s needs.

Let`s chat

We would be glad to share more details about our enterprise-level FHIR software solutions and other cases based on the HL7 FHIR standard.

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