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Low-code declarative approach

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Kodjin Terminology Service

This software helps different healthcare systems handle their medical codes, terms, and terminology systems of any size and complexity for effective information management and exchange.


Update terminologies on the fly

Quickly update various types of terminologies and import them into a fully FHIR-compliant system. Our solution includes a comprehensive set of tools for finding, validating, and mapping codes in real time.


Manage terminologies of any complexity

The Kodjin Terminology Service is created to handle all types of healthcare terminology. It can manage and support even the most sophisticated internal structure and logic.


Process complex terminology with ease

Work effortlessly with multiple standardized terminology sets, like ICD-10, LOINC, SNOMED CT, and RxNorm. Integrate existing legacy and proprietary code systems with an FHIR-standardized workflow.


Benefit from superior performance

Thanks to efficient caching methods, our solution offers performance that is unmatched in today’s market.


No need to involve developers

The Kodjin Terminology Service gives healthcare professionals with little or no technical background full control over the process.


Enjoy a zero learning curve

Simply set up the service once and enjoy immediate, uninterrupted access to its terminology management functions. No special training or heavy updates are required.

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Kodjin Terminology Service supports the following operations


Code system

Enter a code to get detailed information about a concept: definition, status, designation, properties, and more.

Code validation
Verify if a code is part of the given code system.


Value set expand

Get codes from a given value set; receive a full list of codes or use filters to find specific concepts based on your search criteria.

Code validation
Verify if a code is contained in the set of codes permitted by a value set.


Concept map

Translate a code from a source value set into a target set.

Kodjin can be included in the backend of any healthcare project and can be flexibly customized to the project’s needs.

Our solution uses a built-in FHIR architecture to manage standard terminologies, like ICD-10, LOINC, SNOMED CT, and RxNorm, as well as custom and proprietary terminology sets.

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Use Cases

Here are some cases of how the Kodjin Interoperability Suite may be used

About Kodjin Interoperability Suite

Efficiently handle complex terminology systems

Handle your standard, custom, and proprietary terminology systems of any size and complexity, even with the most intricate structure and internal logic. 

Quickly integrate new terminology

Do it within the scope and resources your current project possesses, without the need for additional technical assistance.

Keep your data protected

Keep all of your proprietary terminology and data protected from third-party exposure.

Save valuable time and money

Implement a terminology management system that delivers exceptional performance and reliability right out of the box.

The history behind the Kodjin Terminology Service

Building Ukraine’s nationwide e-health system was both fun and challenging. We had to handle various terminologies (e.g. ICPC-2, ICD-10) and integrate what were often complicated data sets into a coherent system.

Our team quickly realized that most solutions available in the market didn’t meet the project’s needs. Intricate logic and the sheer volume of data from the source systems created additional roadblocks.

Explore more FHIR-based solutions from the Kodjin Interoperability Suite

Kodjin is an Interoperability Suite that provides high-performing, flexible, and convenient FHIR software solutions for healthcare data management, which also includes:

  • ONC-certified_dark ONC-certified
  • HIPPA_compliant_dark HIPPA compliant

Kodjin FHIR Server

A powerful low-code software for processing, validating, and storing various kinds of healthcare data, from appointments to diagnoses, accessible through an FHIR-compliant RESTful API.


Kodjin Data Mapper

A tool designed for fast and convenient mapping of HL7v2, C-CDA, and custom proprietary data formats to FHIR.

It helps integrate, convert, and exchange different types of healthcare data seamlessly, regardless of the number of different sources and formats you use.


Why choose Kodjin


High performance and scalability

The Kodjin FHIR Server is designed for high-load projects at its core. It was created to handle up to 40M+ patient records.


Developed with deep expertise in FHIR

Our team of architects, business analysts, and developers are deeply knowledgeable about FHIR and have extensive experience in developing FHIR-based solutions.



We offer flexible and customized solutions based on our Kodjin Interoperability Suite with FHIR-based custom development if needed.


Event-driven approach

Kodjin utilizes an asynchronous event-driven approach to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.


Low-code approach

The Kodjin FHIR Server is highly customizable and easily managed without involving high-priced developers.


Created from scratch

The FHIR Server was created from scratch based on lessons learned and customers’ requests to solve real-world problems.


Microservice architecture

Our solution is built on a microservices architecture, providing not only scalability and flexibility but also better resilience on the whole system.


100% modern stack

The Kodjin FHIR Server is built on Rust, a high-performance, interoperable, and stable programming language used in server-side development.


Version support

Kodjin supports all previous FHIR versions and is future-proof.

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Our FHIR Case Studies

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Elation Case
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Edenlab created for Elation Health a solution that bridges the gap between their existing data standards and the FHIR requirements. Through Edenlab’s expertise and support, Elation Health successfully achieved ONC certification, implemented USCORE 5.0.1 support.

  • Medtech

National eHealth 

Completed digitization of the Ukrainian healthcare system with over 35 million accounts and personal records numbering in the tens of millions.

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Can I add non-standard FHIR terminologies into the Kodjin Terminology Service?

Yes, our terminology service supports both standard and proprietary code systems.

Is the Kodjin Terminology Service part of the Kodjin FHIR Suite?

Yes, but it can also be used as a standalone service.

What FHIR versions do you support?

The terminology service supports R4 and all previous versions. It is future-proofed for upcoming versions.

Does the Kodjin Terminology Service support real-time changes?

Yes, after a new terminology is loaded via API to the server, the FHIR Kodjin Server can accept new values.

Does the Kodjin Terminology Service support different terminologies for different profiles?

Yes, each particular profile can use its own terminology.

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