About the project

The eHealth system ensures the availability of high-quality and verified data about all key participants in the process of providing medical services and provides a REST API for working with processes around these entities. Data integrity and security are ensured by electronic digital signatures and blockchain-like algorithms. The system itself was created with an understanding of the criticality of the information that it will operate, and therefore all possible mechanisms are applied to protect against data leaks. This is one of the world’s largest HL7 FHIR projects in production.


Final Goal: complete digitization of the Ukrainian healthcare system


outdated Soviet-model system (designed back in the 1960s)

outdated clinical registries

low level of computer literacy among GPs and poor ICT infrastructure

lack of national infrastructure, such as a population registry

up to 7% of facilities with mostly private EHR solutions

inefective financial model

Process Description

1 step

  • • Development of Central Component/Open API
  • • Connection of all Medical Information Systems (MIS)
  • • Support of the PHC (Primary Healthcare)
  • • E-prescriptions program

2 step

  • • Secondary healthcare
  • • Support inpatient/tertiary healthcare
  • • Fully anonymous monitoring

3 step

  • • Patient’s cabinet
  • • Care plan
  • • Sensitive patient’s data (AIDS, etc.)

Key parameters

  • • Interoperability
  • • HL7 FHIR for data storage
  • • ICPC-2 methodology for primary care settings
  • • Blockchain solution for data storage
  • • ML for deduplication data
  • • Secure access to medical data.


  • • 36,5M patient records
  • • 15000 pharmacies
  • • 8275 facilities
  • • 33 Regional EHRs integrated
  • • 1000 TPS current system load
  • • 75M digital prescriptions issued.

More cases

Turbota app allows patients to store and use their or their loved ones’ medical data in one Health Wallet

Turbota. Personal Healthcare App

This app allows patients to store and use their or their loved ones’ medical data in one Health Wallet.

Heals.Asia built on top of the Edenlab Kodjin FHIR server and terminology service


One of the largest TPA in Hong Kong challenged the Edenlab team to switch to a modern FHIR architecture. The project was built on top of the Edenlab Kodjin FHIR server and terminology service.

Elation Case

Deploying a FHIR-Compliant Solution with a Custom Clinical Data Mapper

Edenlab created for Elation Health a solution that bridges the gap between their existing data standards and the FHIR requirements. Through Edenlab’s expertise and support, Elation Health successfully achieved ONC certification, implemented USCORE 5.0.1 support.


Building a FHIR Semantic Layer Analysis Platform

Industry: Healthcare

Country: US

Project type: Analytics Platform

Duration: Ongoing

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