The Kodjin FHIR Server was built by a team with high-level expertise in enterprise-level platform development. The product was created by the FHIR experts of Edenlab, a custom software development company.


  • More than seven years of delivering high-quality solutions to large-scale systems
  • High level of expertise in the healthcare domain with strong FHIR expertise
  • Experience in national-level project development and solutions for enterprises

Healthcare is a complex domain with the highest requirements for data consistency and data protection. Here at Edenlab, we believe in the crucial role of healthcare data interoperability.

We focus on reliable and scalable solutions to real-world ​problems and improve the quality and performance of the healthcare environment.

What we do

FHIR-based solutions

Kodjin FHIR Server and Terminology Service were created by FHIR engineers with a proven track record of high-load projects

Healthcare datA normalization

Our FHIR toolset ensures high performance for any healthcare data

Enabling FHIR-compliance

According to interoperability data regulations such as the 21st Century Cures Act


Marina Kvashnina

Business Development Encourager

Elena Musina

Operational and Project Delivery Guard

Stanislav Ostrovskiy

Sales and Marketing Leader

Eugene Yesakov

FHIR Architect and Evangelist

Petro Lymych

IT Architect and Solution Mastermind

Konstyantin Popov

Project Management Troubleshooter

Oleksandr Virnyi

Systems Analyst and Common Sense Admirer

Andrii Bahriienko

CRM Implementation Genie

Our Partners

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We can help you choose the optimal solution and clarify your next business questions

  • Do I need to apply FHIR
for my healthcare project?
  • How can I solve the specific business cases 
in my project?
  • How do I make my legacy systems compliant with new components?
  • How do I make my decision future-proof?
  • Would a FHIR solution be easier/cheaper/faster than its alternatives?

We can advise the best way to achieve your goals and develop state-of-the-art architecture with reasonable usage of FHIR.

Additional services

Our FHIR experts can design high-load projects with balanced usage of FHIR, taking into account the opportunities and limitations of the HL7 standard.

FHIR Profiling

Our business analysts can help create customized FHIR profiles for your healthcare data in the most efficient way and unlock the power of FHIR usage. We will show you unobvious configurations fully adapted to your business needs and healthcare data exchange requirements.

FHIR Mapping

If you have any difficulties with the medical data transition from any healthcare data standard to FHIR (ICD-9, ICD-10, V2, any propriety standards, and others) we can help you with our FHIR mapping language expertise.

FHIR Consulting

With deep knowledge of the healthcare domain and extensive experience in high-load projects, our FHIR engineers help companies build FHIR-based IT solutions to improve their interoperability.

FHIR training

We provide professional online courses about FHIR profiling and FHIR mapping by our certified FHIR experts

Expert view

Benoit Schoeffler

Co Chair, Financial Management group, @HL7

In Edenlab, they don’t just follow your technical brief as other outsourcing companies, but care about the final result and are ready to help you find the best way. Their deep expertise in FHIR is impressive. We appreciate it a lot, as many really good solutions were born in this cooperation.

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